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A Little About Us

Locally Owned and Operated in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Atlantic Label Ltd is a family-owned subsidiary of Judemic Corporation.  Located in Atlantic Canada, along the beautiful Bay of Fundy, we have been proudly serving our customers both in Canada and the United States with the highest quality products and services since 1987.

Did you know that not only do we manufacture our own labels, we also provide wholesale pricing to re-sellers?  We work with many printing and marketing companies that have clients requiring high volume productions that they cannot offer at a low price.  We offer our business partners preferred pricing so that they may offer our products to their customers at a competitive price. We also work with companies that bottle or package not only their product, but products from other businesses.  We are pleased to provide the labels for both themselves and their customers at a competitive rate.   

If you wish to expand your business line with customers requiring large volumes of labels, please contact us and we can discuss your preferred pricing and help you make one by reselling our labels to your customers.

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